EdgeBit Overview

EdgeBit provides comprehensive supply chain security by connecting your build pipelines all the way to what is running in your server fleet.

EdgeBit Architecture Diagram

Connecting “build” to “run” allows EdgeBit to surface relevant vulnerabilities by understanding what is actually executing.

Getting Started

First, claim an EdgeBit organization: https://signup.edgebit.io

You can get started with EdgeBit in two ways:

1. Get Started with Builds

Configure a cloud image, binary or container build pipeline to generate and submit a software bill of materials (SBOM) to EdgeBit.

View vulnerability information per build, including the EdgeBit dependency bot for your developers.

2. Get Started with Runtime

Install the EdgeBit server agent to collect real time software bill of materials (SBOM) from your server fleet.

Start using EdgeBit to focus vulnerability remediation on real threats immediately after connecting your first server.

Overview Video

Here’s a quick look at how EdgeBit works:

Please reach out to the team with any questions or help getting started.