Connecting to your AWS Account

Connect your EdgeBit account to Amazon Web Services to sync Workloads running on ECS clusters into EdgeBit. Both Fargate and EC2 clusters are supported. If you also have EKS clusters, head over to the Install on Kubernetes guide afterwards.

EdgeBit uses an IAM “assumed role” to read data from your account. This approach avoids the use of hard-coded credentials and provides a full audit trail. More than one AWS account can be connected by running the configuration steps multiple times.

Configure IAM Role

In your EdgeBit account, head over to “Integrations” and click “Activate” on AWS to start the integration flow.

You’ll see a generated IAM Trust Policy and IAM Role. Apply both of these to your AWS account.

Save the Role name and account ID so EdgeBit knows which role to assume and save the config. An access check will be performed to make sure the connection is working correctly.

Configure EdgeBit Projects

For each project in your EdgeBit account, enable or disable whether this AWS account should be used as a source for ECS workloads.

Select the region(s) where your ECS cluster(s) reside and save the config.

View Workloads

Workloads are updated from your ECS clusters every few minutes. This will minorly delay automatic remediation, versus near-instant Kubernetes and Linux workloads.