Supply Chain Regulations

Satisfy SBOM compliance without nagging engineers

Regulations require software vendors to track and communicate the components of their software.

Generate SBOMs automatically
Instantly export SBOMs for every app in production without wasting engineering time.

Communicate your security stance
Sharing your security stance via SBOM doesn't have to be scary when you can show how vulnerabilities are mitigated.

Compliance artifacts
build on each other

Open Source Dependencies

Generate SBOMs for open source dependencies with ease

EdgeBit can track the inventory of your open source dependencies and generate an SBOM during your build process or from a running server.

The enterprise will need to [...] generate an SBOM on their first consumption of each version of the open source project that they use.
Read all Regulations and Legal Requirements
Vulnerability Management

Generate Vulnerability Disclosure Reports for every SBOM

Using SBOMs as the basis for vulnerability management is a smart way to make complaince useful for your engineering teams.

EdgeBit enriches each dependency in your SBOM with known vulnerabilities and context from how the software is running in production.

Scoping vulnerability monitoring activities requires enterprises to consider suppliers as well as their sub-suppliers. Enterprises, where applicable and appropriate, may consider providing customers with a Vulnerability Disclosure Report (VDR) to demonstrate proper and complete vulnerability assessments for components listed in SBOMs.
Read all Regulations and Legal Requirements
Vulnerability Management

Generate Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange reports for every vulnerability

Map each known vulnerability (VDR) to an exploitablity report (VEX) to communicate the lack of risk to your customers. This makes it much less scary to share SBOMs with your customers.

Share SBOMs

Automatically aggregate SBOMs to share with your customers

SBOM for Packaged Software
Generate, enrich and aggregate software bills of materials during your release process.
SBOM for SaaS products
Automation to generate and publish SBOMs and other security metadata on a schedule for your SaaS product.

Enriched SBOMs from Build & Production

EdgeBit's Build and Linux agents
Workloads and SBOM-based Inventory
EdgeBit's enriched SBOM and Workload list

End-to-End Supply Chain Security

Empower Engineers
Vulnerability Management
Prioritize your backlog to focus engineers on impactful patching.
Cross-App Insight
Software Inventory & SBOMs
Understand dependencies and communicate them to your customers.
Meet Compliance
Software Supply Chain Regulation
Meet supply chain regulation requirements with full automation.
Use Open Source Safely
OSS Dependency Governance
Help engineers make intelligent decisions when using open source.

Cut through the noise in vulnerability management

Less investigation toil.

More action on real issues.

Happy engineers.

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