Real-time SCA powers modern AppSec

EdgeBit adds real-time context to SCA, SBOM and software inventory.

Focus on 5% of your CVEs
Active Code 22 5%
Build Pipeline
Dependencies & SBOM,
Vulnerability analysis
Real-time Analysis
Live prioritization,
Workload Inventory
Empower Engineers
Vulnerability Management
Prioritize your backlog to focus engineers on impactful patching.
Cross-App Insight
Software Inventory & SBOMs
Understand dependencies and communicate them to your customers.
Meet Compliance
Software Supply Chain Regulation
Meet supply chain regulation requirements with full automation.
Use Open Source Safely
OSS Dependency Governance
Help engineers make intelligent decisions when using open source.

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Focus your engineers on a list of actual issues

EdgeBit is inbox zero for your software supply chain

EdgeBit Supply Chain Overview

Security teams aren’t app experts, so they distract your most talented engineers

Now: Issue Overload

Now: Issue Overload

With EdgeBit

Less issues with EdgeBit

Less investigation toil.
More action on real issues.
Happy engineers.

Maximum Context

Give Developers, Security, and SRE
context right where it’s needed

Before EdgeBit

  • Lack of software inventory and dependencies across teams
  • Disconnected visibility into what is running in production
  • Growing firehose of vulnerabilities without priority
  • No security context in developer workflows
  • Teams making patch decisions in silos
EdgeBit Logo
  • Software inventory connected from build→production
  • Live context from production delivered developers, ops and security
  • Automated prioritization of vulnerabilities, filtered by what's active now
  • Crucial security context prevents useless triage
  • Social proof to influence consistency between teams
Shift left is important
EdgeBit connects developrs with context from production
Look to the right for essential context
InfoSec, AppSec, Ops, SRE
Developer adding a new dependency
EdgeBit's GitHub bot provides context on a dependency with info from your server fleet
Vulnerability Investigation
EdgeBit's adds context to your vulnerability investigation tickets
EdgeBit Ecosystem

Works with all your tools,
secures any cloud and any size fleet

EdgeBit integrates with popular security tools, package managers and container registries to cover everything from your OS to your workloads.

Built on open-source & industry standards

Open source is at the core of our ethos and our tech stack.

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Trust Foundation

Export machine trust to other systems

Send suppressions to noisy tools
EdgeBit can tell your compliance tools that an issue is handled
Grant access based on trust & identity
EdgeBit supports SPIRE to communicate machine trust with proxies, firewalls and other services

This is game changing for zero-trust! Learn more from an EdgeBit engineer.

Cut through the noise in vulnerability management

Less investigation toil.

More action on real issues.

Happy engineers.

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EdgeBit Supply Chain Overview