Open Source

Help every engineer make smart decisions about open source

Give each engineer the context to make smart decisions when introducing a new dependency.

Be aware of your security stance across all teams in your organization.

Structured vetting process
for open source

Assess the health of each project used by your engineers

Maximum Context

Give Developers, Security, and SRE
context right where it’s needed

EdgeBit's Build and Linux agents
Developer adding a new dependency
EdgeBit's GitHub bot provides context on a dependency with info from your server fleet
Vulnerability Investigation
EdgeBit's adds context to your vulnerability investigation tickets
Software Inventory

Where is log4j running right now?

Access a central inventory of where dependencies are used and whether they are active or dormant — in real-time.

Trace workloads back to the build and code repository they originated from.

Open source dependencies
1st party & custom code
Containers and artifacts
Open Source Dependencies

Generate SBOMs for open source dependencies with ease

EdgeBit can track the inventory of your open source dependencies and generate an SBOM during your build process or from a running server.

The enterprise will need to [...] generate an SBOM on their first consumption of each version of the open source project that they use.
Read all Regulations and Legal Requirements

End-to-End Supply Chain Security

Empower Engineers
Vulnerability Management
Prioritize your backlog to focus engineers on impactful patching.
Cross-App Insight
Software Inventory & SBOMs
Understand dependencies and communicate them to your customers.
Meet Compliance
Software Supply Chain Regulation
Meet supply chain regulation requirements with full automation.
Use Open Source Safely
OSS Dependency Governance
Help engineers make intelligent decisions when using open source.

Cut through the noise in vulnerability management

Less investigation toil.

More action on real issues.

Happy engineers.

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