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Engineering orgs spend too much time and mental energy managing dependencies

EdgeBit doesn't just identify vulnerabilities.
Security issues are found, fixed, and merged.

Replace excuses. Gain confidence to merge.

Tim does all our updates
...he's out this week
I don't know how we use this particular library
I don't want to be the last to touch this
  • 12% of call sites impacted
  • Summary of the impacted functions
  • 88% are no-risk changes
  • Code adapted if needed

The world’s first static analysis engine for software upgrades

More accurate than every open source tool out there
90% hard computer science
10% artificial intelligence
Upgrading npm packages, with more to follow

Effortless dependencies start here

AI Dependency Autofix contains an extremely accurate reachability engine to spend your time on the impactful upgrades.

Identify library updates that carry little risk

Easily close out security issues that don’t directly impact your application’s code.

Grouped updates keep the volume of Pull Requests low.

Understand the impact of a security update

Focus your engineers on the impacted call sites without being distracted by the rest.

Keep up-to-date in small steps, continuously

Prevent your teams from falling behind.

Exercising the upgrade muscle continuously is healthy for all teams.

Eliminate the scramble during the next big CVE

Running fresh versions can avoid a painful, surprise migration at the worst time.

Cover gaps, both technical and cultural

EdgeBit Infrastructure Security

Lack of integration tests

Most companies lack integration tests covering the hundreds of dependencies in modern app. Static analysis can stand-in for these tests to dramatically reduce risk.

  • No testing investment needed by your engineers
  • Stay laser-focused on the functions your app actually uses
  • Understand how underlying changes propagate to your app
EdgeBit Application Security

Siloed knowledge among team

Empowers developers of all skill levels to plan, review and merge upgrades with situational awareness, driven by static analysis and reachability.

  • Upgrade reachable/used packages first
  • Focus review on call sites that are affected by the update
  • Visualize how deeply a transitive update occurs in your code
Our frontend JS projects are lacking in enough unit, integration, and e2e that most of those devs are scared to touch any dependencies.

jml78 on Hacker News

Ease cross-team dependency upgrades

Easily understand how an upgrade might affect other consumers and call sites.

Spread around code review equitably

Identify the best reviewer based on impacted code and auto-request them.

Augment your reviewers with EdgeBit Analysts

Scale your pull request reviews with EdgeBit’s staff of security analysts

Static analysis for complex ecosystems

Blind Updates
Dependabot, etc.
Blind Updates
Dependabot, etc.
Code Analysis Updates

Bot tools do a find and replace for a version number, leaving you to figure out what breaks.

Our Security Mission

A world with painless automatic dependency updates

First, we earn your trust with safe upgrades.

Next, you beg us for automatic upgrades.

Then, we include them at no cost.

(and, teach you it’s compatible with SOC 2/ISO 27001)

Cut through the noise in vulnerability management

Less investigation toil.

More action on real issues.

Happy engineers.

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