EdgeBit gives companies control
over their data in the cloud.

SaaS products have unlocked an immense amount of value for enterprises and consumers alike. The cost of that value has been control over our data. With security incidents and sophisticated vendor traversal attacks (like the Aug. 2022 hack of Twilio & Signal) becoming more commonplace, the lack of control is starting to show its true cost.

We founded EdgeBit because we believe that we can solve this problem — to empower SaaS services to consume and process data securely — and in a way that maintains customer control over data, without getting in the way.

Meet the EdgeBit Team

Rob Szumski
Founder, CEO
Rob Szumski brings a designer's eye to cloud infrastructure. Rob was most recently a Director of Product at Red Hat after Red Hat's acquisition of CoreOS. As an early employee at CoreOS, Rob shaped the earliest days of containers, Kubernetes and the rise of the immutable OS.
Russell Haering
Founder, CTO
Russell loves building big systems - whether people or software. Russell previously co-founded ScaleFT, a pioneer in Zero Trust which was acquired by Okta where he went on to lead engineering for PAM and Server Access.
Eugene Yakubovich
Founder, Chief Architect
Eugene enjoys building software for performance and security. He has led projects ranging from userspace networking to a simulation platform for self-driving cars. While at CoreOS, he initiated the Container Networking Interface (CNI) allowing networking vendors to integrate their products into Kubernetes.

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