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Try EdgeBit with unlimited manual SBOM exploration
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Unlimited manual security investigation
Build pipeline for 10 workloads
Runtime analysis for 1 server
GitHub bot integration for 3 repos
Corporate SSO support
  • Google, Okta, OIDC


Protect your entire organization and your entire supply chain.
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Build pipelines for unlimited workloads
Runtime analysis with custom pricing
Code repository bot for unlimited repos
  • GitHub, GitLab + more
Corporate SSO support
  • Google, Okta, OIDC


Can I see a demo?

Yes, please contact us for a demo. There is also a video overview on the homepage.

Can you help me get started?

Yes, absolutely!

Each Team and Enterprise purchase includes a complementary pairing with an EdgeBit engineer to make sure you're up and running successfully.

How does EdgeBit integrate into my build pipeline?

EdgeBit builds a software bill of materials (SBOM) for each build your codebase, either using a newly built container or set of libraries and dependencies for other types of deployment mechanisms. It typically runs at the end (or near the end) of your build phase of a typicaly CI/CD pipeline.

How do you count developer seats?

Developer seats are counted as the largest number of customer employees that have made one or more code commits to any source repository in the past 90 days that is integrated into the EdgeBit platform.

Why are builds unlimited?

We don't want there to be any reason to slow down shipping software. There should be no penalty for high build throughput.

What is "manual" security investigation?

You can upload a software bill of materials (SBOM) you may have on hand to run it through the EdgeBit vulnerability database. This is useful to investigate issues for teams that may not have completed their build pipeline integration yet.

Cut through the noise in vulnerability management

Less investigation toil.

More action on real issues.

Happy engineers.

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