Syncing Vulnerabilities to Vanta

Connect your EdgeBit account to Vanta to automatically create, update, and close Vulnerabilities connected to your SOC2 or ISO 27001 compliance program.

Connect to your Vanta account

In your EdgeBit account, head over to “Integrations” and click “Activate” on Vanta to complete the integration flow.

Connect to Vanta via EdgeBit integration

After that is complete, enable your production EdgeBit projects to start the data sync.

Automatic Vulnerability Sync

Open security issues are automatically created and updated in a one-way manner, EdgeBit → Vanta.

Every hour, a complete list of open issues is sent to Vanta to ensure your compliance program is always up to date.

Viewing Tests in Vanta

Within the Vanta dashboard, security issues will display under Tests, grouped by severity and populated with an SLA due date for remediation.

Once a fix is committed to your code and vulnerable versions of your app are no longer seen in your production inventory, the vulnerability will be closed and your test(s) will be resolved.