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EdgeBit adds multi-arch support and additional container runtimes

EdgeBit’s mid-March release adds multi-arch support to the EdgeBit Linux agent so you can cover your entire x86 and ARM64-based fleet and expanded container runtime support.

ARM64 Architecture

Performance and price trade offs make ARM instances in the cloud a popular choice for some workloads, and now EdgeBit supports these machines with v0.2.0 of the Linux agent.

The agent quick install script will now detect and use the correct architecture. RPM and Deb packages are also updated for each architecture.

Expanded Container Runtime Support

EdgeBit is bringing first-class support to Podman-based container runtimes in addition to our existing Docker runtime support. On systems like CentOS, RHEL and Rocky Linux, the Podman container runtime is used under the hood.

Familiar commands like docker run are executed transparently but fulfilled by the non-Docker runtime. This works great for user-initiated actions but it broke our deeper integration by being slightly incompatible when reading the lower level Docker API.

This latest release improves detection of Podman vs Docker to gain full support of both.

Read the v0.2.0 release notes for more info and to use the installatiuon artifacts.

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